About Us
Founded in April, 1995, Mount Pilot Drug has been the leader in Professional Pharmaceutical Services in Surry County.  Owners Randy and Julie Lawson have created a team that cannot be beaten!  
"We want to provide the friendliest customer service with the most accurate and timely prescription fills possible.  Our desire is to be the utmost fullfilment of what a pharmacy can be." says Julie, Director of Operations.  
Randy, President and Owner reports, "We have certainly been rewarded with loyal customers who appreciate our way of doing things.  It is a joy to be able to meet the needs of our patients as WE see fit, not some corporate idea of what is right or wrong here.  It is very important that we continue to create and refine relationships that promote trust and reliance.  In other words, these folks are our part of our Family.  It is our responsibility to take the best care possible of them."  
Biographies of Staff Members